The Great British Shooting Show NEC


We sent our Review to NEC today there is loads of Air Rifles, Rifles and Shotguns to see along with other new technology on the market from night vision googles and camera glasses and new kit to help you in the hunting field,

Also if you like learning new skills there are Shows on to teach you about shooting and lots lot clubs BASC being one of them with some of there instructors on site to tell you about shooting and what BASC is all about which is a national Magazine and Club

There is also a Shooting Range at the show where you can pay to test out wide range of Air Rifle Manufactures

CS8A3395 CS8A3385 CS8A3389 CS8A3390 CS8A3387


Night Vision Check out Night Fox at Zone A16  – heard about them from Click Magazine



AimCam Glasses at Zone B15  –  heard about them from Click Magazine




Theses Glasses are the Worlds First Action Camera in Glasses for Shooting Purposes  with Full 1080 HD


Eagle VisionCam at Zone A17  –  heard about them from Click Magazine

CS8A3414 CS8A3413

This Stand is all about getting DSLR or your phone or compact Cameras clipped on to your Scopes so you can film what you see and have a wide range


H and N Sport A12 –   heard about them from Click Magazine

Shooting Pellets


Wide range from Target – Hunting pellets


Nuprol  A18 – heard about them from Click Magazine  Airsoft and Shooting Cases CS8A3407 CS8A3410


50cal FIREARMS Club


CS8A3465 CS8A3464 CS8A3463


The F.C.S.A (UK) originates from the large calibre association setup in late 1998 by the late Pete Bloom following a chance meeting at Bisley between the current FCSA Chairman and Pete one summer evening after a PR match at Bisley. Originally it was intended to be a small group of 50cal and .55cal shooters who wanted to formally compete against each other on paper targets.

This association was not a Home Office approved club, it was just a mechanism to allow competitive target shooting with large calibre rifles and open up access to suitable ranges.

Access to the Radnor range complex was obtained by Pete and a practice shoot arranged for August 1999, a good turn out led to the first UK Fifty Cal championships being held in October 1999, that same year a small contingent subsequently travelled to Sustenpaas in Switzerland to compete in a Swiss national 5ocal event.

Sadly Pete developed a terminal illness and access to Radnor diminished so other venues were sought, namely STANTA Thetford and Sennybridge. STANTA range access was curtailed and dependent on a club that did not specialise in large calibre events.

In 2001 the F.C.S.A was formed under the direction of its founding members, these being the current Chairman and previous Secretary (the secretary was a shared role between the Offas Dyke club and the FCSA), Offas Dyke already had bookings on field firing areas, so now there was nothing stopping the club moving forward. Since then the F.C.S.A has obtained the necessary range licenses, been granted Home Office approval in 2004 and NRA affiliation, which now means that for the first time in the history of UK large calibre target shooting there is a dedicated Home Office approved 50cal club ready and able to take in new members. We are vigorously fighting to promote the sport whenever and wherever possible.

Thirteen years in the running, an impeccable safety record and with over 400 members we are slowly becoming one of the largest rifle clubs in the UK.





_DSC0121 _RLL0148 _RLL0118 CS8A3425


Winchester Collection – Famous Cowboy style rifles



CS8A3479 CS8A3478 CS8A3477 CS8A3468 CS8A3470 CS8A3473 CS8A3474 CS8A3475


LingField Arms Checkout out at A18 -say you heard about them from Click Magazine
 There sell wide range of Guns and other Accessories

Oceania Defence

Specialist company who design, custom manufacture and sell section 5, section 1 and section 2 firearms suppressors and components. We supply products and services of the quality usually not found within the UK. Our aim is to produce and sell the most innovative and best quality of product within our marketplace.

CS8A3481 CS8A3482 CS8A3484


The Shooting Party

PAO® scopes –



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