Review: Traktor Native Instruments Kontrol F1


Native Instruments (NI) bills the Kontrol F1 as an “add-on” controller, a supplementary device that complements one or more main controllers, such as their S4, S2, or X1. While there is a User Mode that defaults to a set of Track Deck transport, loop, FX, and browsing controls, the main intention for the Kontrol F1 is dedicated control over one or more of Traktor Pro 2.5’s new Remix Decks.

The Remix Decks replace Traktor Pro 2’s Sample Decks, and older controllers such as the S4 and S2 will be remapped for their Sample Deck controls to handle the fancier Remix Decks. You can also program any third-party MIDI controller to work with the Remix Decks.

 Kontrol F1 can have complete control over all 64 Sample Cells and other functions of the Remix Decks. NI says this is because the bi-directional communication, 16-color LED feedback, and various modes are too complicated to replicate with MIDI in the Traktor Controller Manager. Therefore, the default Remix Deck mapping of the F1 is hardwired (like the Kontrol S4). There is an editable User Mode that comes with a Track Deck overlay (more on that later), as well as a MIDI Mode for using the F1 with any other MIDI software.

Also you can get Endo Mapping which can turn the F1 Deck into  4 Deck DJ deck making you able to play out in nightclubs or house parties and travel light,

You can also use 2 remix decks with this making this unit work for C and D deck then run A and B deck with Endo mapping doing djing

  • Price
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