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Listening to it gave me the same sense of peace that I experience when I playing my ‘Tibetan Singing Bowls’, when somehow at my deepest, purest level I know that everything is perfect. The recurring thread of sound that runs in and through the whole album, gently twisting and turning, puts me in mind of a mountain stream making it’s journey back to source and at the same time being at source. By the end of the album it was as if my soul had attached itself and became part of the oneness as Paul expresses it.  Truly beautiful.    Scoring out of 5 I would have to give all tracks full marks – 5. With the exception of track 8, which I would give a 4. (Somehow it wasn’t as ‘talkative’ as the others!)   My favourite track (if I had to choose) would be  hare Jesu nestled in position 6. Fully aligned to its big brother hare Krishna but so very soothing – perfect for comforting a child to sleep. Gently weaving the well-known chant into the recurring thread of the album.   The tracks story – from my perspective

  1.  Invocation – A sunrise moment when the charkas re-align.
  2.  Shanti Om –Female voices – including the human element. (See ii)
  3.  Love and devotion – In one word this says vastness.
  4.  Om Namah Christaya – I see this as the twin to Love and devotion as this took me deep inside myself.
  5.  A path with heart – intrigue – what is around the corner?
  6.  Hare Jesu – A beautifully simple lullaby
  7.     Joy of being – buoyancy a beach walk holding a kite on a windy day.
  8.     We are love – My least favourite track – still enjoyable but lacking independence from the rest of the tracks.
  9.     Forgiveness and Healing – I could feel the music resounding in my 4thchakra – my sacred heart. A wonderful experience!
  10.   Bhakti Bliss – Perfect for a smooch, swaying togetherness.
  11.  Peaceful contentment – A had a vision of the sun setting over the Serengeti.

Source comparisons and two albums come to mind:

  1. Mike Oldfield’s  ‘Music of the Spheres’ for the completeness of the album and how it all hangs together.
  2. Karl Jenkins  – ‘Cantus’ – in the way he uses female voices to invoke ‘ancient truths”.

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One thought on “Paul Avgerinos BHAKTI‏ Album Review

  • September 6, 2014 at 1:04 am

    I agree! This album is very uplifting and refreshing at the same time. Each track has its own personality. While conveying a universal message of gratitude, the songs have kick and verve. They work well as is and also make a perfect complement to just the right scene in a film.


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