NEWSBEAT Two injured after Iron Maiden plane damaged

Iron Maiden’s famous Boeing 747 has been damaged at an Airport in Santiago, Chile.

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The band say they will “closely monitor their progress”.

The plane’s three times the weight of the Boeing 757 used on Iron Maiden’s previous tours in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

As for the aircraft the undercarriage is reportedly badly damaged, and two new engines might be needed.

The band’s statement continued: “Fortunately the 20 tons of equipment had not been loaded onto Ed Force One at the time of the accident.

“Although this is tragic for our beautiful plane we do not expect this to affect our concert schedule including the next 2 shows in Cordoba and Buenos Aires.

“We hope to find a new Ed Force One to continue this adventure with us in the near future. “

Source Ironmaiden


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