Interview with former Arsenal Player – Jérémie Aliadière at The Arsenal Foundation Charity Match 8th September 2018 Arsenal Legends Vs Real Madrid Legends

Saturday September 8, 2018

The Arsenal Legends Foundation Match

Arsenal Legends v Real Madrid Legends 

Emirates stadium

Interview with former Arsenal player Jeremie Aliadiere who I must  say was such a gentleman, very thankful he gave me some time. He signed for Arsenal at the age of 16. He has played for Celtic, West Ham, Wolves and also had a second spell at Arsenal. He then had a spell at Middlesbrough. In 2011 he moved to the French league where he signed for Lorient and played there until 2014. Between 2014-2016 he signed for Umm Salal in Qatar, he then returned home to France where he re-signed for Lorient in the 16-17 season. Currently without a club Jeremie has not ruled out retirement just yet but is currently without a club. He holds a special place in his heart for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger who he stated in the past is like a father figure to him. 
Ravi – Great match for you today, you still looked like your on good form & fitness, you was the fittest player on the pitch today!
Jeremie – “Im the youngest one, I guess iv got to be, playing right back not really my position, but when you play for that cause, its where ever the team needs you. Your not there to prove yourself, your just there to help the Arsenal foundation” 
Ravi – You do a lot for the Arsenal Foundation as well don’t you?
Jeremie – “Yea for sure its very important. We went to visit a boxing gym yesterday in Islington, where the foundation has spent money to refurbish the gym, and to surface a new football pitch next to it. You can see the kids enjoying their football, I think its great keeping the kids out of trouble and off the street. As long as I can help I will do everything I can.”
Ravi – In terms of your playing career you played in France, are you retired? 
Jeremie – “Well I feel like I can still play, circumstances happened, family and kids, an sometimes you got to make decisions and thats whats happened.” 
Ravi – In terms of Arsenal this season? 
Jeremie – “You know it was always going to be a difficult start, when you play City and Chelsea, it was always going to be hard. You can see that the new manager is trying to change things and it will take time for the players to adapt to it. New intensity will take time, you got to be patient and hopefully the results will carry on like the last two, it hasn’t been great games but we winning so thats the main thing. You can see its a massive change there.”
Ravi – Who’s your favourite standout Arsenal player right now?
Jeremie -“I like Lacazette, Aubameyang, I like Guendouzi, I know him and told him good stuff about Arsenal, I tried to help his choice and decision to come here. Yea I just think when the players find the real style and system they will be back to the top.” 
Ravi – You had it tough as a young player, you used to get comments on the touchline and stuff, you had to be tough to get through that? 
Jeremie – “You’ve got to be strong if you want make it as football professional, its hard and its going to be difficult but you got to be able to take criticism. Fans will like you one day but hate you the next but its part of football.” 
Ravi – Brilliant thank you so much for your time today Jeremie!

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