Auritech Review


Auritech review
  • Reducing sound
  • Price Value


Our first impression of the Auritech hearing protectors is positive.

The Auritechs come in a stylish Aluminium and water resistant casing.

We tried the Music version on this test.

There are a variety of different versions to suit most harming noises; ranges include Biker, which reduces wind noise.

Diy and Garden for using mechanical gardening tools.

Work, which can be worn all day in a loud stress inducing workplace, helping concentration.

For this test we listened to Heavy Rock from a High end Hi-Fi then spent an evening in a local Music club where there was a heavy Bass sound. The first test, Rock from the music system showed that the design of the Auritechs made them very comfortable and after a few minutes i forgot i was wearing them.

The music protectors did not detract from the quality of the sound. The lead vocals were easy to hear and the bass pressure is significantly reduced so as not to detract from the treble.

Even in the second test, the nightclub, which is a mix of banging bass and shouting, screaming and general rowdiness, was kept to an enjoyable level.

It was possible to hold a conversation without problem due to the Auritechs design while keeping the harmful decibels at bay.

Well worth the retail cost of £19.99.

I would never again consider using the cheap mass produced foam filters that cost one or two pounds.

Auritech also make a high quality custom fit protector which last up to 5/6 years. These retail at £99.


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