Gadget Reviews

Yell Energy SQUARE 4000mAh Power Bank


Yell makes Portable Batteries, which can charge your Phone and Tablets; they do various chargers from small battery packs to bigger ones, which can hold more charge for more long lasting charging.

You can get Yell chargers in a choice of colours,

I found in my testing that Energy-Bar-4000mAh took 3 hours to charge from the mains, and charged Iphone 5 at battery life from 10% to 97%.

This is very good to have in your backpack, Pocket, for them times where you need to make emergency calls, or get that important email sent out

Device is solid and well built, and very affordable

Black Rapid Double DR-1 


Highly recommend Black Rapid Product Black Rapid Double (DR-1)

Click Staff Photographer has been using Double strap for 2 years now and it works a treat and I no longer get back pain carrying 2 cameras,

One use for the strap is that you can use it as a stabiliser when shooting Video by putting your elbow in the strap,

If you buy the Black Rapid Double (DR-1) you can easily turn it into one strap so when you only need one camera you can do it easy,

5 out of 5 Stars