An Evening With Peter Andre – Unscripted: Peter Andre at Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone – Review

An Evening With Peter Andre – Unscripted: Peter Andre at Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone – Review



An Evening With Peter Andre – Unscripted: Peter Andre at Hazlitt Theatre, Maidstone – Review



The evening with Peter Andre was held at Hazlitt Theatre, which was one of 7 shows on this tour.

For the VIP Guests there was a chance to meet Peter and lots got photo printed after the had there photo taken this can be seen here by fans at the show Joanne Azzopardi , Crina Oniga featured below


Joanne Azzopardi , Crina Oniga


























The Ticket Packages for the show was £91.50 Rows A – F Meet & greet with Peter, 6×9 professionally taken and printed photo, exclusive upgraded photo frame, front rows VIP seating, live Q&A and chance to buy exclusive memorabilia.

£51.50 Rows G – M 6×9 Professionally taken and printed photo with peter, Live Q&A and chance to buy exclusive memorabilia.

£26.50 All other rows Live Q&A, and the chance to buy exclusive memorabilia.


There was local restaurant Wagamama which was giving out food and raising awareness of what there all about in the VIP Guest area




Emily Young and friends enjoying the show


Competition Winners


The event started at 8pm when peter come on stage for the Question and Answers which the person interviewing Peter Andre was his Agent Claire. This event was good if you was interested to know more about Peter Andre as it went few his history and life story on how he got started Peter Andre is a pop singer-songwriter and television personality from Gold Coast, Queensland,. He is best known for tracks such as Mysterious Girl, Behind Closed Doors and Insania.

Starting his music career in 1990, he released his self-titled debut album in 1993, in Australia, but it was his second release, ‘Natural’, released in 1995, which saw him gain international success, reaching #1 in the UK Albums Chart.



In 2004 he appeared on ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!’, coming third in the competition, which led to him returning with his fourth album, ‘The Long Road Back’, in 2004. He later married Katie Price and released a duets cover album entitled, ‘A Whole New World’,

With Peter Andre going to into the Get Me Out Of Here ITV program with Chris Moyles playing his track a lot on the radio this really helped Peter Andre get back in the charts and raise more awareness of him as an artist for people that did not know his music this also help with getting him other shows when he come out of the Jungle.

in 2006. After his split with his wife, he starred in his own TV shows, ‘Peter Andre: The Next Chapter’, and released the album, ‘Revelation’, in 2009, which hit #3 in the chart. He released his latest album, ‘White Christmas’, in 2015.

He has headlined his own shows and tours across the UK and Australia, including his own Mammoth Tour in 2010; Up Close and Personal in 2014; and ‘Come Swing With Me’ in 2016, as well as appearing at Hampton Court Palace Festival, the Castle Concerts series in Rochester, and Penn Festival.



Peter Andre also showed Wedding images unseen the public on this event of him and Emily having fun at there Wedding and one image with their child.

Emily and Peter around a year of dating the pair announced that Emily was expecting their first child together, viewers got to know Emily when she appeared with Peter on camera on his reality show, My Life.

She won Peter fans over with her sweet and gentle personality and her great relationship with his children,

Peter Andre at the Hazlitt Theatre event also said that Emily was at home looking after the kids and it can be hard for someone to take on kids but she is very loving and he is grateful for her and they have strong loving relationship.


If you did not know Peter first proposed to Emily on New Years Eve 2013 and then the couple finally tied the knot in July 2015 in a ceremony in Exeters Mamhead House.



During this event he always expressed how he helps with his charities fundraisers so when he is not presenting on TV or in his music tours then he is normally working with his charities one charity is for Cancer, which he is raising awareness for.

This event also showed use that Peter is just a normal caring person and a kind and normal guy as he is normally late to events one story he told was when he was waiting for a train a coffee shop place asked for a selfie and he took his time to do this, he also said that when he is normally at Airport when his fans ask for photos or autographs he takes his time in his day to sign and in some occasions he has missed his flight for doing this.

From this event we spoke to members of the public a lot was looking to see Peter Andre sing some of his hits but did not sing any music from this event they still enjoyed the show but they did expect to least here a few of his hits live after the Q and A.

On the event Peter was joined by his brother Michael Andre which chatted about there childhood growing up in Australia one story was when they has a break in and they run down to the home invader brother Michael grabs a weapon and Peter Andre runs down with his Microphone the invader ran off and they stopped there place from being robbed.


Another story Peter mentioned was how his parents are very friendly especially his mum, which used to let fans into the house and one day let a journalist into the house unaware the person was a journalist.

Peter and his brother also mentioned about his tattoo that his Dad did not agree with tattoos and that his brother Michael was the first person to get Tattoo in the family so this gave peter the confidence it be alright to get a tattoo

Peter also says to his agent always at any event that he goes to ask what the turnout is at the event before the event as he is always worried that no one will turn up however all of these events so far have been packed out with many of his fans attending this event.

Peter is just a normal guy and is very genuine person

In the event he also spoke about his time on the 60 minute make over program and also spoke about what he wants to do next.

His dream next is to do movies, films in acting and he said to us all we should believe in our dreams

Overall we rate this event as success as it shares an insight of Peter Andre’s life and visions as it shows how it all started  and what he is up to now and an insight on what he wants to do next to further his career.


The Event was put on by Kong if you would like to view more of there events go to

















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