Celebrities wanting to Remain in EU


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James Corden Vote In



Daniel Craig

James Bond actor has added his support to the Remain campaign. The 007 star was pictured wearing a vote Remain t-shirt with the words “No man is an island. No country by itself” emblazoned across it in a picture tweeted on the Stronger IN account.


Bobby George

The darts legend is better known for his love of gold jewellery than his political views, but he has declared he is backing Remain. Tweeting his support, he said: “If the Capt says IN I’m IN. It’s up to you what you do but make sure you have your vote on Thursday @David-Cameron”.

JK Rowling

The Harry Potter author has come out in support of the Remain campaign and suggested that “racists and bigots” are directing parts of the Leave campaign. Rowling, who campaigns prominently on Twitter, said: “For some of us, that fact alone is enough to give us pause. The picture of Nigel Farage standing in front of a poster showing a winding line of Syrian refugees captioned ‘Breaking Point’ is, as countless people have already pointed out, an almost exact duplicate of propaganda used by the Nazis.”


Helena Bonham-Carter

The actress backed Remain saying: “I feel European but I also feel we can be British and be part of Europe, without it impinging on our sense of identity.”


Judge Jules stating why to stay in EU and about the true why its better video on his facebook page and Judge Jules is a trained lawyer

Sir Stephen Hawking

The influential physicist has come out in favour of staying, saying that “progress comes from co-operation”. He said: “By working together in Europe we make our economy stronger and we give ourselves more influence in the world and we provide future opportunities for young people.”




Votes for in and Out EU



David Bailey

Britain’s most famous photographer was one of a number of personalities who loaned their face to a poster urging people to stay in the European Economic Community during the 1975 referendum campaign. But a spokeswoman said he was going to vote for Brexit


David Icke

votes Out




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