Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS Mark II



Type: Zoom | Sensor size: full frame | Focal length: 70-200mm | Maximum aperture: f/2.8 | Image stabiliser: 4 stops | Weather seals: Yes | Minimum focus distance: 1.2m | Filter size: 77mm | Dimensions: 88.8 x 199mm | Weight:1,490g

 This Lens is used for Press Photographers and Wedding Photographers along with Sports Photographers and Fashion shoots.

Design features top-grade fluorite glass and five UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) elements, a virtually circular eight-blade diaphragm, and a dual-mode Image Stabilizer giving a four-stop advantage. An ultrasonic ring-type autofocus system provides super-fast focusing, even under dull lighting conditions. weather-sealed magnesium alloy shell sporting control rings and switches which all operate flawlessly. Image quality is razor-sharp throughout the zoom range, even at f/2.8, while distortions, vignetting and colour fringing are all very well controlled.

Is this lens good for night time shooting?

Yes this lens is very good for low light performance and is used for Music gig and Festival Photography with F2.8 you can get very good bokeh and very sharp images.

  • Price
  • Easy to use
  • build quality

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