Canon 5d mkIII Review

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 22.3 MP DSLR Camera – 1080p 




Canon 5dmkIII where to start in this review, Comparing this model to Canon 5dmkII the ISO is much better with this model which is more noticeable when using the camera for Video shooting.

Both the Canon 5dmk2 and 5dmk3 are Full Frame, which means it, is a bigger sensor and lets more light in, Having a Full Frame camera also means when putting lenses on whichever mm lens it is example 70-200mm is what it says it is.  Unlike when you put it on a cropped body which 7dmk2 is 1.6crop meaning you will have a 320mm at the 200mm end of the lens.

For users looking to use this for Video

The Canon 5dmk3 now has Clean Hdmi out which is handy when using it with an external monitor with a hard drive such as Atomos Ninja 2.

This camera now has audio headphone jack which lets you listen to what you are recording which Is a great help with your doing interviews, you can also get audio levels come up on the camera as well to guide you to make sure your not peeking to much.

How long can you record a video for?

With the Camera Video tax law the camera can record for 29.00 minutes but if you purchase Atmos Ninja 2 you can use this to record and unlock this limit to as much space you have on the Hard Drive or the SSD you use which could have upto 1TB of recording. Using the Atmos Ninja 2 in the test a 1 minute video was 2GB on the best prores codec recording on 1080, Using this device it also means you no longer need to uncompress the video files.

For Photographers

You know have CF and SD card slots this lets you shoot Full Raw on one card and Jpg on the other card. or you can do Dual Raw or Dual JPG meaning you can back up on the go.

Afpoints is a lot better when using this camera for Portraits, Sports, Music Photography, as it has the same AF points as the Canon 1dX range.

Having theses AF points it makes it a lot faster when focusing in lowlight I noticed this a lot in the test when we tested it comparing the canon 5dmk2 and canon 5dmk3 in Club Photography.

Does the Canon 5dmk3 have Wifi?

No the camera does not have built in wifi but you can purchase canon WFT grip which is the same one Canon 7dmk2 uses.

This Grip needs USB to use it on this model which we don’t like about it as the Canon 5dmk2 you got 2 in one a battery grip meaning when you shoot portraits it is a lot easier and also you has the WFT connector at the bottom of Canon 5dmk2 camera mount so it just screwed on the bottom of the camera making it wire free making it more easy to use.

We feel this is a bad move on Canons part changing it to WFT to usb.

Using WFT means that if you want to send files by FTP you can instantly providing you have set it up on adhoc offline network or using a online Wifi single or a 4g wifi dongle.

You can use a Sandisk Eyefi card in SD slot of the Canon 5dmk3 which makes sending images to your phone, tablet pretty fast but sometimes you can get signal interference. If you did want to send photos by FTP live shooting then the Canon WFT is the only way.

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