Bumpster review

Bumpster Review


Bumpster Review
  • Price Value
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery life

Bumpster Review

Looking to buy a new portable speaker? If you've finally given up on the speakers on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet or laptop,

Portable speakers – Things to consider
As well as listening to their audio chops and measuring how loud they can really go with a sound meter,

We've also covered the portable speakers' other features. Do they have NFC, for example? What's battery life like? Do they offer aptX?

If you're not yet down with the jargon of the Bluetooth speaker world, NFC is used to pair up a speaker with your phone more easily — you just wave it over the NFC sensor in the speaker. AptX, meanwhile, is a higher-quality Bluetooth audio codec that improves sound quality with aptX-compatible phones and tablets.

Today we are Reviewing Bumpster

Product Description

Bumpster Bluetooth/NFC Speaker features:
-Full range bass enhanced sound with Bluetooth and NFC functionality
-Bluetooth range up to 33 feet
-Built in microphone to make phone calls
-“Call-choice” feature allowing you to easily toggle between the Bumpster and using your phone to make calls.
-Micro USB charging slot (cord included)
-Speaker power: 3 watts
-Frequency response: 100Hz to 20,000Hz
-Battery life: 10 hours
-Size: 3.14 x 3.14 x 2.48 inches with a weight of 0.4 lbs
-Compatible with any device that has Bluetooth or NFC connectivity. Also included is a 3.5mm audio cord for devices that don’t have the option of Bluetooth/NFC. Or for use when travelling.
-Available in a soft touch black silicone colour

The product comes in different designs from
Design Spectrum, Space Cat, Wolf, Tiger

What do Click Magazine think of this product

• We are impressed how small this speaker is and how powerful it sounds

• It has an impressive 10 hour battery life
• The Bass in this unit is very powerful and very closes to Beats products but for more then half the price.

• You can also use this unit as a speaker as a Hands free unit when making calls, which is very useful as an addon feature in this product.

• 33 feet away you can still change the tracks this is very good if your walking around the house and want to change track and still have your device with you.

This unit would make a perfect Christmas Present, or Gift for other occasions

You can purchase this unit from



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