Bouncelite Flash Diffuser

Bouncelite solo flash diffuser

Coming from Gary Fong background for many years I using there Lightshere collapsible version which worked well not making the subject flash light harsh I was hesitant to switch but I can recommend the Bouncelite is far better.

The bounce light is far superior to the Gary Fong
What I found while using the bouncelite is it can be bulky times but it is worth it over the Gary Fong because you will get extra Control over the spread off the light as when you use the bouncelite you can control the spills light as it has a flap at the top which can be lifted up so you can use it as a bounce cards style modifier or it can be put down and you can use the front head which has a large clear plastic strong diffuser which will make the light come out evenly at your chosen subject.

Also the clip holding it on your flashgun works a lot better aswell

Also with this product you can easily and fast take out filters which will change the colour of the light depending what colour you put in it this also means you can get better white balance control matching you’re scene making the light your shooting look less flash and more natural looking.

I highly recommend the bouncelite product over other lighting modifiers as you will get more control with this product and get better images using this product especially in dark environments such as nightlife photography as in portraits in clubs in street and of course using this as an on camera flash modifier at weddings

You could also have one or two of these Products on to other flashguns and then use them to light a wall up or garage door to create edgy lighting which in effect would make your own photo studio lighting and then you could put a model or do creative portrait on location.

On this test I used 600 RT Yongnuo flashgun which is very similar to the Canon 600ex RT series to take photos in nightlife environment

See below some of the images after it was this product

Bouncelite 1

Bouncelite 2


No back shadows on wall

Bouncelite 3

See how even the 6 people are with the lighting and the colour of there tone skins


Bouncelite 4


Get this product and check out other products other other modifiers coming soon on


  • Ease of use
  • Price
  • how well it lights

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