Comic Con Saturday featuring interviews Catherine Tate and Verne Troyer

Comic Con Saturday 



Catherine Tate started her panel by diving straight into the audience to say hi in person and encouraged those at the back to come forward and joking with them.

She’s genuinely touched by fandom and believes conventions to be a unique experience to meet them.

She was asked about her role as Donna Noble in Dr. Who and primarily believed that the lack of a romantic storyline for the role was liberating for the character and the writers as Donna could say and do whatever she wanted, she could be herself without the anxiety of potentially offending a romantic interest. This gave Catherine the freedom to explore the character.

She has a lot of praise for David Tennant after working with him on the Catherine Tate show as well as on Dr. Who.

The audience asked many questions about her memories from the show the best which include the  whole cast and crew united on the set, the introduction of Amy Pond being her favourite episode, John Barrowmans butt and that if Donna had been paired with Christopher Eccelstones Doctor then there would probably have been a fight between them.



Verne Troyer talking about his role in Austen Powers 2 as Mini-Me, he found it a challenge playing a mute character as he had to make himself understood and convey complex meanings with just a facial expression, not an easy task, try it with your friends.  Although conceived as a small roll in the film it grew as Mike Myers and director Jay Roach added scenes for him because they liked the character and performance so much.

Verne is currently concentrating on his YouTube and blog channels.

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